As 2020 comes to a close and we have not been at our StreetReach sites in person, there are many ways we still reach the kids of our community. We have succesfully completed a Spring and Fall season LIVE on Facebook!

This has been a critical time for us to stay connected with our community and let them know they are loved and StreetReach will be back as soon as we can. We are looking forward to Spring 2021 and figuring out what StreetReach looks like.

The methods may change but the message NEVER will. We are seeking God’s wisdom on how to effectively advance the kingdom of God as well as this ministry. Please be assured that we remain committed to serving our StreetReach children by whatever means necessary. It will be a time of flexibility, creativity, and innovation as we explore new ways to reach children with the Gospel.


1. StreetReach and World Harvest Church will place the health and safety of the children and communities we serve, as well as that of our staff and volunteers, at the top of the list!
2. The methods in which we conduct our programs will be adjusted. We are currently working with many people to take our social media platforms to the next level. 
3. Our ministry has not been shut down. Our team will continue to excel in serving the children in a personal way, within parameters mandated to us.
4. We are sending out a mailer to all our StreetReach sites encouraging them to join us on social media. 


1. Email [email protected] to inquire about the current needs; as these changes often. We are trying to have weekly themes using our SR stories of this season.

2. Follow @streetreachga on Instagram and Facebook and share the page as often as possible to increase the reach

3. Upload encouraging messages to the StreetReach kids via this link
We will share the messages via social media. Also, Tag @streetreachga in your post that you think is kid-friendly and we may share some of them. Our main goal is to stay connected during this time that can be scary for the kids of our community.

Together we face today’s challenge head-on. We might have to do it differently, in different places, but we’ll get it done no matter what. 
                                                           In Jesus’ name!  

We want to know how you are serving others during this time!
Email us at s[email protected] and/or tag us on IG @streetreachga