Soul Winning Parental Waiver/Release Statement 3/19/22
Student Ministries of World Harvest Church will be hosting a Soul Winning/ Flyering Event On March 19th. Please meet at the church (320 Hardscrabble Rd. Roswell Ga 30075) at 1pm. We will be returning to the church at 4:30PM.
I, being the parent or legal guardian of the above named participant, grant the participant permission to participate in the activity indicated above.

In the case of an emergency affecting the health or welfare of this participant, the sponsors, leaders, or adult chaperones have permission to administer first aid and or transport the participant to the nearest doctor or hospital for further emergency medical attention as deemed necessary. The individuals acting in response to the emergency and World Harvest Church will be held blameless.
I hereby grant permission for the participant named above to receive emergency medical treatment, to be hospitalized, and to receive such injections, anesthesia, or operation as may be urgently necessary.
In the event medical expenses occur, they will be borne by the parents/guardians of the participant. I understand insurance afforded by World Harvest Church, Inc of Roswell, GA, is an excess insurance over any and all valid and collectible insurance coverage available to or for such person as expressly named above.
As a part of this activity, I understand it will be necessary for the participant to engage in travel. I hereby grant my permission for such travel.