Our next Small Group will begin on April 25th.  It is our goal to have everyone from World Harvest involved in a Small Group.  

These Small Groups were created to be a place were people can study God’s word together, support each other spiritually, and socialize! In turn it is our desire that these groups will help you develop significant relationships in the church that will help your walk with Christ.

Our 2020 Winter Session ended with small groups learning everything about Zoom. It was a different but rewarding experience for so many of us. We were able to connect with each other when we were first quarantined. It was such a different time for all of us and I believe this connection helped us tremendously. 

Our leaders will be reaching out to their group this next week to give them the update. For those that do not belong to a group, we want you to jump in.  We will be recruiting after services and you can click below to see a list of our existing groups.  Please call or email Debi Ledford at the church.   770-643-9223 or [email protected].