This year, there are many international students at KSU, GSU, and GT that don't have families to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and fellowship with. You can be the solution, and be a light to students who would truly value the love of a family willing to open up their home on Thanksgiving day.

1.  Be willing to have two students over your house on Thanksgiving day (a lot of students feel more comfortable if they’re able to bring a friend with them.  Most likely another international student)
2.  Provide an Uber or Lyft ride for them to come and return home (or you can arrange to pick them up and/or drop them off)
3.  Respect their culture (no ‘ugly American’ stuff) even if some things you would do differently.  Be sensitive to where they’re at and coming from.  
Please sign up, and someone will get back to you very shortly about your match and next steps.  Thank you.