The WHC Healing Ministry is Christ-centered and dedicated to ministering healing based on biblical principles.  Our mission is to help others discover and apply the healing truths found in the Word of God by teaching what the Bible says about healing, health, and wholeness, while teaching participants how to exercise their authority and experience the healing power of the Word of God.   Healing Teams are extensively trained to teach the Word of God concerning healing. 
Come learn how you can experience the healing power of the Word of God!

If you or someone you know is in need of our services or to book an appointment, please call us at 470-435-7396 or email [email protected] Classroom Sessions (open to everyone) Tuesday 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Location: Upper Legacy Center (the building to the right of the main Sanctuary) Location: 320 Hardscrabble Rd, Roswell

*Live streaming of classroom sessions available on our Facebook Group “WHC Healing Ministry”.

Individual Sessions (by appointment only) call  470-435-7396 or email [email protected]
Location: 275 Hardscrabble Rd, Roswell, GA

We love to hear from you!  Please reach out to schedule an
appointment and send us your testimonies [email protected]


New Healing Training to begin mid-January 2021.

This 5-month training is for anyone interested in learning what the Bible has to say about healing.
Joining the healing ministry is not a requirement to attend these sessions. Use God’s Word to bring
healing and deliverance for yourself and for others. These teachings become a powerful tool on mission
trips as well. If you are interested in finding out more about the training, please write Mary Lawrence at
[email protected] for more information.