A Fusion Camp Counselor position is an extremely responsible and important job.  As a Counselor at CampToKnowHim, you are representing World Harvest Church, your family, the Children’s Ministry and, most importantly, Jesus Christ.  It is your responsibility to insure the care, well-being and safety of campers in your charge and to do everything you can to encourage their growth spiritually, while away at camp.

Be the example of what you want to encourage!

Counselor Duties:

Attend all pre-camp meetings and be familiar with curriculum materials(ex. Memory verse, themes, bible stories, schedules) before you go.

Counselors will be given a schedule on a lanyard to wear. Schedule will include lake duty, meal clean-up duty, store duty, game room, etc.

Counselors will supervise campers during all camp events and adhere to the camp rules.

Counselors will make sure campers adhere to the camp schedule and arrive on time for all events.

Counselors will help make sure campers wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Counselors will make sure campers are in their cabins, in their beds at the proper time.

Counselors will walk with campers to and from the lake.

Counselors will help campers resolve conflicts and report any serious issues to Ms. Jackie, Mr. Eric, Ms. Lillian or Ms. Tessa.

Counselors will eat meals with campers.

Counselors should help take care of minor injuries and report all to camp nurse.

Male counselors should be seated with boys during services and during Praise and Worship time. Female counselors should be with the girls.

Male counselors NEVER go into the girl’s cabin and vice versa.

Male counselors will behave with the proper decorum toward female counselors, CILTS, and campers, at all times. Likewise, female counselors will behave appropriately toward all males at camp.

Be respectful to other counselors, CILTS, and campers

Submit wholeheartedly and cheerfully to Fusion Camp Leadership Team

Counselor Qualifications:

Must be rising 10th grade or older.

Be a member of World Harvest Church, in good standing.

Attend church services at least once weekly.

Volunteer in a ministry at World Harvest Church.

Maintain daily time with Jesus through worship, prayer and Bible reading.

Be able to provide one (1) personal reference from church leadership.