Kid City

Children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade get to make the rounds in these exciting and innovative programs. They don’t just attend church, they help create it! They sing worship, act in skits and learn how to apply the lessons they’ve learned to their every day lives.



Sunday, 9am & 11:15am Services: 

Our Kid City is located in the Lower Level Legacy Center. The building next to the Collis House.

Wednesday, 7pm Service

K-2 are joined with 3-5th grade in the Fellowship Hall for a fun curriculum with small groups, dramas, and special activities.


Curriculum: Tru Fire

Tru Fire takes the class through the Bible chronologically each year. They'll get to see the big-picture of God's Word as well as zooming in on stories and scriptures throughout God's Word. This curriculum also takes time to allow the Holy Spirit to move on our kids' hearts and respond to His voice themselves. We know your child will grow in God as they go through this class!

Check out this curriculum: Click Here


Curriculum: Kids on the Move

Kids on the Move  curriculum  has been used for years. It uses fun videos and interactive object lessons to teach the kids God's Word and it is spirit filled! Your kids will learn about the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of the spirit so they can step out and see those gifts move in their own lives. It is a powerful time on Wednesday nights!


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Contact: Tessa Hufton (Director of Children’s Ministries) at [email protected]
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