We conduct funerals for all current WHC members, current regular attenders and their immediate family members.


The following services are provided at no cost to the family, during the weekday hours specified.

  • - We request that you schedule the memorial service during these weekday hours, as these are the hours we are staffed to serve you. Mondays from 12 noon through Fridays at 4 pm. Most services will be conducted in the main sanctuary, however, smaller ceremonies can be held in the Fellowship Hall. You may also choose to host your service at the Funeral Home’s chapel.


  • - If desired, we can provide an 8 ½ x 11 foldable program on regular copy paper. A photo of your choice can be placed on the cover. We will provide up to 300 copies at no charge. You are free to produce your own program if you like.


  • - The Officiating Minister will meet with the family 15 minutes before the beginning of the memorial service in the Fellowship Hall. Please choose ahead of time the family members and close friends you desire to attend, and inform them of the pre-service location. These will be the people that process in at the beginning of the service. The service will begin promptly on time.


  • - A sample program can be provided to help you plan your service. These are just suggestions. You may personalize it as you desire.
  • - If there is no internment, we will provide coffee and cookies in the lobby for all attendees. Following an internment or the main reception, we will provide a meal for the family in the Fellowship Hall for 30-40 people. If a reception is held in a private home, we will assist with providing food for that gathering.


  • - Sound and Video Technicians are provided at no cost for daytime funerals.


  • - Please let us know if you have friends who would like to sing or play music. We will provide a keyboardist and if desired, a church soloist.


  • - We will have a basket in the lobby for people to place cards and condolences.


  • - We will provide 1 audio CD recording of the service if desired. Any additional copies will be the responsibility of the family.

• DVD’s of the service are not routinely made. We may be able to set up a camera crew to film and edit for a charge of $200.00. Again, all additional copies are the responsibility of the family.

The following are our ministers, based on their availability, who perform our funeral services: Pastor Mirek Hufton, Pastor Linda Hufton, Pastor Chris Hufton, and Pastor Willie Russell.