C.I.L.T.-Camper in Leadership Training, is not a counselor, but a former camper who is being trained to be a counselor in the future. This opportunity is open to former campers who are now in middle school.

The job of a C.I.L.T. will be to help set up games at camp, assist campers during meal time and be available to assist couselors with different tasks throughout the week. C.I.L.T.’s will not be responsible for the supervision or the leading of campers. In order to be considered, you will need to meet EVERY requirement below.

  • Must have attended Fusion Camp in the past.
  • Must have a good reputation and get along well with your peers and members of WHC.
  • Must be a weekly attender of WHC.
  • Must have daily Bible and prayer time.
  • Must currently serve in at least one ministry at WHC.
  • Must be baptized in the Holy Spirit or have the desire to be baptized.
  • Must be available to meet April 11th after 2nd service.


1. Attend all C.I.L.T. meetings

2. Help plan games/activities for campers

3. Lead games/activities while at Fusion Camp.

4. Arrive before meals to help prep/serve, as well as assist campers with refills, etc. during meals.

5. Monitor and assist teams during meal clean-up.

6. Take part in game set up and clean up.

7. Adhere to your personal schedule and be on time for all events.

Relationship with Counselors/Campers:

1. Be respectful to all campers and counselors.

2. Be a good example to campers during worship, services, free time, etc.

3. Report any conflicts between campers to a counselor immediately

If you are selected to be a C.I.L.T. you will be required to attend meetings and will be responsible to pay $245, which will cover your food and lodging that week. Fusion Camp is an amazing experience for campers and we know it will be for you as well! If you have questions contact the Children’s Department at the church. 


I Agree

I understand that if I am chosen to participate in the C.I.L.T. Program, I must be available to attend C.I.L.T. meetings and I'm responsible to pay the chaperone fee of $245 to cover my meals and lodging for the week.